16 Children’s Professional Gifts: Tablets, Speakers, Smart Watches

To make it clear: No matter how much they ask for one, your child probably does not need a smartphone. The standard procedure for American Academy of Pediatrics is that young children need to interact with peers and caregivers to learn – a standard that may or may not be difficult to follow right now. a global epidemic.

But if you are looking for a digital device to entertain or confuse them while working, let me do so second, or fourth, or tenth to tell you: very good. Here are some of the tools that have helped me and my children, ages 3 and 5. Many of these gifts do not need parental supervision, but also have parental controls that allow you to limit the use of your little ones, say, 35 hours a day. If you want to see more options, check out ours gift ideas for new parents or our guide to good children’s pills.

Updated November 2021: We added new choices, such as Facebook Portal Go, removed old choices, and added new ones. We also made the Family Setup available with Watch SE, not with Series 3.

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