China’s hottened tech workers are struggling for a long time

The following hours

The Working Period started with a sharing page on Tencent Docs, a Chinese version of Google Docs. As soon as it was sent, he filled it with articles written by companies such as Alibaba, Chinese language researcher Baidu, and e-commerce company

“9 am, 10:30 pm-11: 00 pm, six days a week, managers usually go home late at night,” read a note linked to Huawei’s tech giant.

10 am, 9pm (departure from work 9pm, but our team stays until 9:30 pm or 10pm due to involution, ”Wrote another article (” involution “with Chinese words on the Internet in a contest of senseless).

In just three days, more than 1,000 had been added. A few days later, it became a favorite theme of China’s Quora Zhihu website.

As the spreadsheet grew and became more and more popular, one editor, named 秃头 才能 变 强 (“Just Being Tough Can Make You Strong”), came out on Zhihu to share the story of a growing project.

“Four of us are college and master’s degree graduates born between 1996 and 2001,” the organizer said. At first, the spreadsheet was just a lot of sharing, helping job seekers like them, he said. But when it became popular, the organizers decided to move from information collection to promotion. “It’s not just sharing, because we have another responsibility,” 秃头 才能 变 强 wrote.

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