The Hosts of “Fox and Friends” Are Pushing Bogus Voter Fraud Claims Ahead of California’s Recall Election

The “Fox and its Friends” group is denouncing false allegations ahead of the California election, which will see whether Governor Gavin Newsom will continue to work amidst anti-Covid-19 attempts.

“Insulting the government under him [Newsom’s] leadership is very clear, “one of the interviewees interviewed by Larry Elder, Republican Newsomer’s enemy, later added,” I’m concerned about fraud … You know, when they found out that drugs with 300 votes in total. of his car. ”

He then told the Chief: “Do you hear any stories like this and why are you worried that maybe this is a choice?”

The report added that a man had been arrested in Torrance, California, for possession of drugs, firearms, driver’s licenses, and 300 repeat ballots.

Husband “was arrested on suspicion of a number of offenses, including armed robbery, drug trafficking and criminal misconduct, ” according to to a report from KTLA.

Police also said the incident was “spontaneous” and did not indicate fraudulent voting.

“Investigators are trying to determine how the election results ended up in the suspect’s car and their purpose in staying with them,” police said in a statement. “This is just an incident and it is not linked to any other election theft.”

Re-election in California is tomorrow and Republicans have “made an effort to expand the petition,” according to reports from The New York Times, which reported on “The Republicans of California are in need of a single leader, a supporter who is able to appeal over extreme freedoms “and who” failed to turn the ambassador’s wrath into a sudden overthrow from the voters on the right, left and center. ”

Most of California is opposed to remembering Newsom, according to a recent survey conducted by the University of California-Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Study for the Los Angeles Times, which found that 60% of California voters refused to remember Newsom compared to only 39% claiming to help oust Newsom from office.

Alan is a New York writer, editor, and newspaper correspondent.

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