Large Sections of the Border Wall Have Been REMOVED and Left WIDE OPEN Along Heavily Trafficked Drug Route in Southern Arizona

TGP journalist Julian Conradson traveled to the southern US border in Arizona last week.
This is his first report from the US border.

Due to its proximity to Mexico, Tucson Arizona has become a drug trafficking center on the southern border.

Drug traffickers simply walk the 40 miles[65 km]across the desert to reach the city, and the unpaved trails provide the best way to complete the journey.

Trump made the area a step further and was able to build a nearly 245-mile wall along the Arizona-Mexico border, cutting off many of the entry points that have been used by illegal crossers for years.


Now, the railways have been reopened since President Trump resigned.

In one of the most common areas in southern Arizona where Mexican drug addicts are most popular, large sections of pre-constructed border walls have been cut down and inexplicably left open unattended.

Traffickers now have the freedom to move about as much as they want, all they have to do is look in all directions and make sure there is no helper – and because of the borderline and fiasco partners involved, there is often no one.

On one five-mile wall there were at least half the sections removed.

Most live right in the middle of the mountains, hiding illegal crossings from those who live on high ground.

According to a local director who has been going to the wall several times since it was built, the sections that were cut are new in the past few months and had used this method.

Under Trump the place was very safe, set up a barrier that worked and significantly reduced illegal trafficking and smuggling of drugs in the area – But since Biden began the border crisis, locals have seen a resurgence of smugglers crossing the valley on their way to Tucson.

Now, now we know how many is going through.

Biden has been opposed to his presidential pledge since day one and has made it easier for dangerous chemicals such as fentanyl – which have claimed the lives of many Americans – to cross the US border.

It is one thing to swear that “not one foot shall be built” in this time of deception, but it is a criminal end to tear down a wall or see a wall torn down in places that protect our citizens.

It’s a shame.

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