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J.Lo and Ben Affleck were both smiling as they walked out of their hometown of Bronx, NYC! The pair joined in a non-political outfit as they greeted fans.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, and Ben Affleck, 49, was shining as he exited New York City! A reconciled family was manifested in him Bronx home On Sunday, September 12, when he greeted fans and artists outside The Lit Bar restaurant after lunch. Ben and J.Lo were both smiling when he raised his hand to the crowd holding hands. One of his most famous songs, “Love Doesn’t Destroy Anything,” is also heard exploding in the background.

Ben showed off the game he rode – probably thanks to fashion queen J.Lo – wearing a black oatmeal peacoat panties and shirt. She paired the look with a pair of sneakers, as well as a pair of brown blazer and beige houndstooth. The singer “Dear Ben” rocked a black blouse on the floor, as well as champagne-shaped glasses with ombré lenses. As always, JLo Beginners of Beauty ‘ The beauty was unmistakable with a very high heel and a soft, firm skin.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are seen holding hands in Venice. (ETTORE FERRARI / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock)

While we were eating, Ben was suddenly seen smoking outside while looking at his cell phone in a video he found. TMZ. The Boston-born man seems to be trying to be incognito with black sunglasses, however, fans and the paparazzi were already outside waiting for their release.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez looked delighted on their red bags on Sept. 10. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

The two men met Big Apple following their beautiful tour at the Venice Film Festival in Italy where Ben showed off his new video The Last Duel. Bennifer also used the opportunity to make their own red tapes accessed for a long time from return last spring, fun fans with PDA-filled features! The two men stare at the moon holding hands on the mat, wide open as they question the photographers.

The date starting on September 10 also had a significant impact on Ben and J. Lo: 18 years ago, they divorced their 2003 marriage in the name of the media. When they reunited after a temporary split, the two boyfriends sadly broke up in January 2004 – until, when, their unexpected reunion in 2021. Jennifer decided to wear white Georges Hobeika the first outfit to mark the “rebirth” of their boyfriend, said the source HollywoodLife TOGETHER.

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