UN donates money to Gaza family, delegation | Gaza News

About 100,000 recipients of income in more than 700 places, says a UN official.

The United Nations will begin Monday to provide funding to thousands of families in the Gaza Strip, which is surrounded by a program sponsored by Qatar, a UN envoy to the Middle East said.

Qatar has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Gaza since Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in 2014. But another war in May and Hamas, the Palestinian Authority that controlled Gaza, urged Israel and the United States to renew the payments to ensure they did not reach Hamas. He stayed right there.

Using a Qatar-funded UN-Israeli initiative, with funding from more than 700 sites in the Gaza Strip, a UN official said.

As many as 100,000 beneficiaries begin receiving financial aid on Monday, UN Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland wrote on Twitter on Sunday.

Officials did not say how the levels of control were being monitored or whether to ensure that funds pass through Hamas.

Qatar should also provide assistance to Hamas-operated government agencies in cooperation with banks under the control of the Western Palestinian Authority (PA).

But the PA withdrew from the process on Friday due to concerns over the matter. Hamas is considered a “terrorist group” by several western countries.

The Qatari program to help the poor in Gaza has been funded by Israel, whose Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, said on Monday that it would ensure that funds were provided to those in need through Hamas.

However, according to Bennett, the payment would be in the form of vouchers, not money, according to a UN official.

“The money is being transferred in vouchers and not in suitcases as has been the case in the past,” Bennett’s office said in a statement.

When asked about the differences, Bennett’s office declined to comment.

Officials are still working to find a way to allocate funds to civil servants without paying Hamas military funding, the Bennett office added.

Israel and Egypt have captured Gaza for blockade, threatening Hamas. The World Bank has stated that the ban has contributed to the increase in poverty at the home of two million Palestinians.

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