Adults of California Governor Gavin Newsom rely on voting recall | Election Issues

The results of the re-election that ended Tuesday also appear to have a bearing on next year’s US election results, experts say.

The people of California are choosing to retain the Governor Gavin’s Stories on his job or to move elsewhere, after a campaign that exposed states in the US.

Newsom was leading the election, but was still campaigning hard to bring in Democrats to urge voters to reject a run-off election, which ends on Tuesday.

He was last pressured Monday by the President of the United States Joe Biden, who warned that the race could lead to a global outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, reproductive rights and a war of attrition global warming.

Under the California memorial system, voters can choose ‘yes’ or ‘no’ if they want to remember Ambassador Gavin Newsom [Mike Blake/Reuters]

The results also reflect the mid-2022 US election, in which Congress will be better off. The party that controls the White House previously loses seats in the middle.

Biden, who defeated Republican President Donald Trump less than a year ago, said the crisis that described the 2020 race has been raised in California, and the consequences could be devastating if Newsom were removed from the re-election.

Speaking to hundreds of supporters who were enjoying the evening in the coastal city of Long Beach, south of Los Angeles, Biden cited the well-known Republican leader, presenter Larry Elder, as a “model” of Trump.

“Do you think he was the governor of this state?” Biden asked, when the crowd shouted “No, no!”

“You can’t let that happen. There is a lot at stake, “the President said.

Voters in California have two questions in the by-elections Tuesday: Should Newsom remain in office? And if not, who should replace it? There are 46 candidates to choose from. If voters keep Newsom, the results of the second question are not helpful.

Mu research Released on Friday by the Institute of Governmental Study at the University of California, Berkeley, 60.1% of voters said they preferred to keep the ambassador while 38.5% rejected him to stay in office.

The results of the commemoration may not be immediately known if the postal ballot papers are written after Tuesday. [Mike Blake/Reuters]

Democrats have returned twice as many votes as Republicans in the seven weeks since the start of voting, government data show. About 8.6 million of California’s 22 million voters have already voted by mail.

Voting by mail began about a month ago, with popular voting taking place on Tuesday and voting closing at 8pm local time (03:00 GMT).

Rob Reynolds of Al Jazeera, who spoke from Los Angeles on Tuesday, said Democrats around the world have been watching the by-elections.

“It’s like reading a barometer on national conditions,” Reynolds said. “President Biden had a wonderful winter with the amazing Delta cases of COVID-19 and how it handles from Afghanistan. ”

James Lance Taylor, a professor at the University of San Francisco, told Al Jazeera that Newsom’s opponents, from migration to gun-burning, are not limited to California.

“There is not a single story associated with Gavin Newsom that is not happening in other countries, and Gavin Newsom is better than anyone,” Taylor said.

The difference, he said, is that California law allows repetition for no reason. “That’s ridiculous,” Taylor said.

Beyond Elder, other prominent Republicans in the race are former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, former Olympic Caitlyn Jenner and businessman John Cox.

A well-known Democrat is Kevin Paffrath, YouTube’s next chief financial adviser.

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