Fans Cheer Donald Trump At Holyfield-Belfort Boxing Match: ‘We Love Trump’

When Donald Trump and their son Don Jr. replied a high-impact boxing On Saturday night, the group sang “We Love Trump” to the former president.

When Trump grabbed the microphone before the Evander Holyfield-Vitor Belfort game, he was impressed by the loud and well-received music by his fans during the game.


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Trump: ‘We love our country, we love our country. Thank you so much ‘

“What a privilege to be with you! What a wonderful evening, “Trump said.” I think you’ll see an incredible battle. “

“We love our country, we love our country,” Trump added. “Thank you very much,” Trump responded by singing “We Love Trump” which continued even after the former President sat at the announcer’s table.

The 58-year-old Holyfield lost to 44-year-old Belfort after losing the first round.

Belfort he says did not give Holyfield a chance to drop a single punch.

Before the war, the victorious Belfort winner told viewers, “Let’s unite and make America Great Again!”

On Thursday, a press conference was held to promote the game with Trump saying the easy fight for him is to fight President Joe Biden.

Biden “could go down very quickly,” according to Trump.


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Don Jr. His Dad’s Fights: ‘He’s a Boxer and a Fighter’

Don Jr. was interviewed on “The David Hookstead Show” on Friday, where he discussed how his father and father support the fight on Saturday and analyzed his father and what he meant by fighting the game.

“He’s really a part of boxing and he’s really fighting for history,” said Don Jr. The son of a former president called his father an “encyclopedia” when he came to know about boxing.

Trump said was Decades of friendship and family ties with legendary boxer Don King – and he contributed to the promotion of boxing legend Mike Tyson.

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