Biden’s Handlers Say He Went Golfing While Americans Are Stranded Behind Enemy Lines in Afghanistan

Joe Biden went on a golf course on Sunday after leaving the United States behind enemies in Afghanistan.

Biden played golf with former Senator Ted Kaufman at Fieldstone Golf Club in Delaware.

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Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Wednesday acknowledged that Americans are being held hostage by Taliban.

“The Taliban will not allow the tours to leave,” Blinken told a news conference in Germany.

Blinken also acknowledged that there are “limits” to what Biden Admin can do to help victims without “ground workers, without an airport with standard security measures in place.”

On Thursday, the Taliban allowed planes and other Americans to leave Kabul, but the Americans remained in Afghanistan.

Currently Joe Biden is away from DC and making golf and his co-workers care not.

Imagine the outrage in the media when Trump played golf after leaving America for Afghanistan.

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