Arkansas GOP Governor Absurdly Insists Biden’s Vaccine Mandate “Hardens Resistance” to Vaccines

Although Covid-19 passed through Arkansas in recent weeks, Republican ambassador Asa Hutchinson said President Joe Biden, who recently had a vaccine for his employers, would “strengthen the resistance” among those who refused to vaccinate. first place.

“We have to deal with resistance,” Hutchinson told CNN.

“This is a very dangerous, dangerous virus and we are all together trying to increase the number of vaccines in humans. The problem is that I am trying to resist the urge, but the President’s actions make it difficult to resist. ”

Hutchinson called Biden’s movement “divisive”.

Hutchinson’s remarks ignore the fact that the number of vaccines has increased worldwide as a result of President Biden’s decree. Causes of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 1.78 million people have been vaccinated in recent weeks.

The Covid-19 situation in Arkansas has been particularly alarming in recent weeks.

Medical facilities in Arkansas have only recently begun to decline, but the government reports 1,116 new cases of Covid-19 since yesterday. The Department of Health reports that 35 people have died of the virus in the last 24 hours. Only 35% of Arkansas are fully vaccinated, one of the cheapest cars in the United States.

Role of President Biden will affect about 100 million Americans. It will include vaccination law for all federal employees and contractors, in addition to the requirement that large companies order vaccinations or regular testing of employees.

Biden expressed his frustration with 25% of Americans who have not been vaccinated.

“What else is there to wait for? What else do you need to see? ”He said. “We have provided the vaccine for free, safe and easy. The vaccine has been approved by the FDA. More than 200 million Americans have received a single shot. We have been patient. But our patience is waning. And your refusal has ruined us all. Please, do the right thing. ”

Alan is a New York writer, editor, and newspaper correspondent.

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