16 Best Bluetooth Speakers (2021): Carriers, Waterproof, and More

Probably not be smart, but the best Bluetooth speakers still have a place close to our loved ones.

It’s fun and easy to ask Amazon Echo or Google Nest speaker play your favorite music or tell the weather, but smart speakers have a little sticky-original, stable Wi-Fi. With (especially) Wi-Fi voice and wireless speakers, Bluetooth speakers can carry, and I can get out of your house and withstand adversity like a beach sand or hot steam Airbnb jacuzzi. They will also work with a mobile phone and sound like smart speakers.

We’ve also tried hundreds of examples in recent years, and we can proudly say that they are the best little tools you can ever hear. Here are our loved ones right now.

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Updated May 2021: We’ve added Sonos Roam and changed links and prices throughout this series.

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