Dark Rising and CS Pacat Lighting

The hero of the widow was brought out of hiding. The evil that is to come is the only one that can eliminate it. A magical world hidden beneath us. These things may sound familiar, but open CS Pacat’s Rising Darkness (from Sep. 28) and you will realize that you have never seen them like this before.

In the first book of the YA trilogy, the brave Will will be 16 years old and working as a port in 19th London, secretly fleeing mysterious men who killed his mother. Then the old servant appears again with a hidden message: something bad is going up in the world. They will find a group called Stewards, otherwise “darkness will fall on us all.”

Suddenly, Will is removed from a world of mysterious self-disclosure. Magic was once real, learned, but died along with the ancient world in a fierce battle between light and darkness. What is left is Stewards, an old warlike system like knights who control the world if the Dark King returns. . . and all the signs show that he is coming, and fast.

“When the famous heroes fail, who is left to fight?”

Will learns that he could be a missing piece, the only one who can defeat the King, but the magic that Stewards swears is inside remains tightly closed, and time is running out. Stewards die as King of the Dark King, Simon Creen of the Dark, paves the way back. Ancient figures are reborn in new dangerous ways. And Violet, Will’s best friend, is between the two countries: she’s a Stewards student, but she doesn’t know that her family is one of Simon’s strong allies.

No matter how much Will, Violet, and Stewards have struggled, there are alarming signs that history has been about to repeat itself. The dark thoughts that are coming, through this story, are a climax to a climax that can cause your stomach to collapse. Pacat uses this type of revelation that changes, looking back, any form that came in front of it, and suddenly twisting to hide. Rising Darkness for the plot to move forward and for the brave, the foremost to continue in their darkness.

The lines of battle are drawn: it is the future against free will, the good against the bad, but the boundary between it is more blurred than it seems. Pacat, who has made a name for himself as a sharp and influential figure Caught Prince the series, is full of strong plot and subtle, clever, global architecture, as well as troubled relationships, dark interests, and – oh yes – illicit, straightforward and dangerous drugs. It all fits in with the final scene and the ultimate finish line that will come back in your head a few days later, the perfect ending to a book of magic heroes, crazy confusing pieces, and confusing magic. When the famous heroes fail, who is left to fight? These vivid dreams inspire us to discover them.

Representative Comment

“With the barriers between them, their relationship seemed to be falling apart, but still it was something that connected them. They were here with him, outside there was a great battle.

“He said, ‘You have a future.’

“” So will you, “he said. That’s what we make. “


The book is a young adult, but its title does not lie: it is dark, and it has a lot of violence and bloodshed. Go and prepare for the movement of the dangerous mind.

Read This If You Like. . .

Each of Pacat’s old list. If you like Caught Prince or The fence, you go with high hopes that Darkness Coming Out it will continue immediately. VE Schwab’s followers have also found much to love about this book.

  • Book published in 2021
  • A well-established book to visit in 2021 (London)

How Long Does It Take to Read

Rising Darkness with 450 solid pages, but will fly when you start reading. It may take a week to complete, but active readers will clear it up in a few days.

Summary of Sweet Place

Mu Rising Darkness ($ 16), CS Pacat creates a rich world, a layer of magic, brave monsters, and evil rebirth. As the heroes fall, orphan Will and his friends must find a way to fight the darkness that has been around for so long – and what they are hoping for.

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