Herschel Walker Will Kill It and Win in Georgia Against Communist Warnock (Video)

Last month, at the end of August, former NFL and Trump assistant general Herschel Walker wrote the papers Run for the US Senator of Georgia.

One week later, President Trump endorsed a former player in his Georgia Senate race!

Herschel Walker is a big fan as well led Senator Marxist Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock in the 2022 Georgia Senate race before announcing its candidacy.

ABOUT: ENTIRE VIDEO: The Gateway Pundit Interviews President Donald Trump (Revised)

On Saturday night, Herschel’s son Christian Walker discussed his father’s race at The Gateway Pundit at the Republican OutSpoken ceremony in Nashville, Tennessee.

Christian Walker is a staunch supporter of his father and says his father “killed them” and won the Senate seat in Georgia because he LOVES Georgia and Raphael Warnock is a communist.

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