From Record High Markets and Record Low Unemployment Under Trump to Record High Inflation Under Biden in a Matter of Months

Rising prices in the US are faltering until historically under the obscurity of the OBiden Administration.

The program of A warehouse reports:

The program of Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) released the August review of production prices last month. August rose 0.7% with additional results showing 8.3% increase in trees; the largest jump in the year on the prices of the most important commodities in the history to follow. The first record was in July by 7.8%.

Prices are the highest commodity prices for all types of products: Original (commodities / products), Medium (Mfr / Wholesale) and Final (for sale).

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Among other things, inflation has been exacerbated by rising oil and energy prices and increases in all sales and increases in commodity prices. We all do this on prices in stores; especially on fast conversions, such as buying (recently purchased items), which reflect the price increase significantly.

Last-year prices rose 0.7% in August, 1.0% in July and 1.0% in June. The rate of inflation in the lowest years is currently at 8.3%.

The U.S. has stepped out of the record-breaking markets and documented unemployment under the Trump administration to record high inflation in the Biden Administration. It’s as if OBiden wants to ruin the economy.

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