VP Kamala Harris Pushes Back On GOP Death Cult Dividing America In Powerful 9/11 Remarks

Vice President Kamala Harris honored Flight 93 heroes and used their story to deliver a powerful message of unity, while Republicans divide America and COVID.

Vice President Harris Honors Flight 93 Heroes.


Vice President Harris at Memorial Flight 93, “It is my hope and prayer that we will continue to honor their courage, their conviction, and ours. To honor their unity in strengthening our unity,” https://t.co/v15ThQSZq3

Vice President Harris said in Shanksville, PA:

We had a difference in 2001 as we do in 2021. And, I believe that in America, our differences and our strengths. At the same time, we saw after 9/11 how fear can be used to sow discord in our country. As the Sikh and American Muslims were guided by their appearance or religion, but we have seen what happens when many Americans in the spirit of our country are united with all Americans and their fellow Americans, and those who are abused and discriminated against, when we stand together.

And looking back, we remember that many Americans were united to help families recover, to help communities recover, to protect our country, and to protect ourselves. In a panic, we stared at each other. In front of a stranger, we saw a neighbor and a friend. That moment reminded us of the importance and strength of our unity as Americans. And it is possible in America. Therefore a few minutes from now, we will leave this sanctuary, still bearing the brunt of this loss, this great loss, yet, the future will continue to be bright.

We will face new challenges, challenges that we could not have seen in the last 20 years. We take advantage of opportunities that we sometimes cannot imagine, and we know that the future is uncertain. Unknown, never happened. But I know this, if we work hard to work together as Americans, if we remain united in purpose, we will be ready for anything that comes our way. The 40 passengers of the 93 pilots, as we all know, do not know each other; most of them do not know each other. They were different people from different places. They were on this special trip for a variety of reasons.

But he did not look for an opportunity to separate us. No, he looked at what we all share. On the personality that we all share. In just a few minutes, in the most difficult situations, 40 responded the same way. They fought for their lives and saved the lives of many others in the capital city of our country. After today, I wish I could continue to respect their courage, their conviction, and ours. To honor their unity by strengthening our unity, by strengthening our international unity, and by always having the best possible goals. The task will not be easy, it has never been done. And it takes us all to believe in who we are as a nation. And it will take us all to work together.

Harris Unity Messages Were Pushback Against GOP Politics And Divisive Politics

It is impossible not to agree with what Deputy Vice-President Harris said about Flight 93 heroes and regional politics taking place by Republicans during the epidemic.

Governor Ron DeSantis launches approximately 9/11 weekly in Florida on the death of COVID.

The 93 pilots agreed to protect the Capitol, while 20 years later, Republicans honor the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol and killed Americans for political reasons.

The American people joined forces against the terrorists who ravaged the country two decades ago, and now they must do the same to defeat the epidemic and the Republicans who want to politically and diseaseally abuse.

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