Republican Claim That Troops Are Going AWOL/Resigning Over Vaccine Mandate Destroyed By Fact Check

It turns out that the military did not go to AWOL to challenge the COVID vaccine law according to the actual investigation.

Republicans were joyfully spreading the false news that the military was leaving the army in violation of the COVID vaccine law.

This was not true.

Reuters real-time search available:

Joint Base Langley-Eustis confirmed to Reuters that this was not true. “So far, no 1 Fighter Wing pilot has resigned due to the COVID-19 vaccine,” Joint Base Langley-Eustis Public Affairs police told Reuters via email on Sept. 10.

The report also mentions 15 pilots of 2 Bomb Wing in Barkdale Louisiana ( ) resigned. Reuters found no evidence to support this.

A Barkdale Air Force Base spokesman also told Reuters the report was “false” and “completely false”, adding that “no information was provided and no pilot resigned.”

Tolerance has never been done, but Republicans want to divide America so much that they will fall for anything that would give them hope of ever destroying the country again.

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