If You Are Vaccinated and You Fear the Un-Vaccinated, You Might Be a Moron

Why is the idiot Biden threatening those who are not vaccinated? According to Biden the vaccine works. If you get vaccinated then you will not receive Covid. Right? So if you are protected from Covid what difference does it make if someone wants to take the risk of not being vaccinated? If it affects non-vaccinated people then it should not be your business if an American person decides not to get vaccinated.

But it seems that Dementia Joe and his team of inexperienced counselors know that the vaccine is not a vaccine. A real Covid vaccine – it delivers immunity to Covid. But now we know that it is not so.

How do we know? Just ask for the Israel.

And yet Israel now has the most recent statistics on the new Covid weeks each week. This has been surprising and raises the question of whether the country’s epidemic has really worked. While this may seem like a bad thing, and the government has been struggling to get an answer, the truth is very important: Israel has not defeated the virus, but it may have completely changed the way the victory against the virus seems. It’s truly confusing, but not unbearable.

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The author of the piece I mentioned, Zev Chafets, is a spinner. He’s trying to put a lip stick on a pig. If he writes about Ron DeSantis and Florida, he can call it a three-fire fire and call DeSantis to be the 21st Century Dr. Mengele.

The so-called “vaccine” called Covid seems to promote an immune response in the body of most people. But it does not protect against Covid variants. And some who receive untested jabs suffer cerebral hemorrhage, inflammation of the heart, or miscarriage. Some even die. This is the script.

Biden’s crazy announcement tried to force all Americans (but not immigrants) so that Jabyo would not ignore those with adequate immunity, for example, they had Covid, recovered and had anti-allergens. It also ignores those who have a disease that prevents them from taking an uncertain “vaccine” like Covid.

It’s time to dump her.

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