George W. Bush Compares Republican Domestic Terrorists To 9/11 Hijackers

George W. Bush pointed out that domestic terrorists who are popular with some Republicans are like the 9/11 invaders.


George W. Bush linked GOP terrorists with the 9/11 insurgents, “There is a growing disillusionment and disregard for human life, in their attempt to tarnish national symbols, and children with the same evil spirit.”

Former President Bush said, “Many Americans struggled with it understand why the enemy would we hate such zeal. Security measures are included in our lives everything is a source of our comfort and reminders insecurity, and we have seen evidence of growth that The dangers in our country can come not just across borders but From the violence that gathers inside. There is very little in common among lovers of violence foreign and lovers of violence to at home, but then there a lot of dirty and neglect of human life, in their determination is corrupt Signs of the world, that’s it children of the same unclean spirit, and it is our responsibility to continue fight them. ”

Former President Bush was not wrong. It is interesting that he chose 9/11 to stand in public against what the party he leads moves.

Republicans have received domestic violence and domestic terrorism. 9/11 hijackers want to attack Capitol. 1/6 terrorists attacked the Capitol. All of them had the same goal of harming America and undermining democracy.

All of these are still threatening the United States and should be stopped.

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