BREAKING HUGE – President Trump: “They Are Going to Decertify This Election!”

The President believes that the 2020 Election will be rescheduled in light of the amount of corruption that has taken place in the elections.

Yesterday, President Trump sat down with Gateway Pundit and discussed a number of current developments, including the 2020 Election.

Our decision was stolen. This was a difficult decision. They used COVID and used correspondence when making decisions. We won the election a lot and he stole it and it is very bad and I hope they make this decision. I don’t think you can have decisions that were messed up as this was the case.

I mean you look at the same countries. You mentioned in Arizona. See what’s happening now in Michigan. See what’s happening in Pennsylvania. See what’s happening in Georgia, Wisconsin. No, this was a very, very bad thing that happened in our country and because the media is so corrupt. That’s what moral restraint comes from. You know where it all started, they don’t want to talk about the election, because they know it was stolen.

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The president went on to say that FOX must have known something about the results in Arizona and someone should ask them. President Trump also said people are waking up.

Will you allow a person who has cheated to stay for another three years? I can’t compare it to that. I can’t compare it to that.


President Trump is right. How can we allow the people who stole the election to stay in power while destroying the United States?

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