Biden Unleashes Chaos At Fox By Exposing The Network’s Vaccine Policies

Fox News expresses its outrage but does not admit to the air that Biden is telling the truth about his vaccine work.


Every hour of Fox News is outraged by Biden’s comments, but he does not deny that he is responsible for vaccinating.

Biden said, “My job as president is this to protect all Americans. So tonight, I’m announcing this The Department of Labor and Establishing an emergency rule to requires all employers, and 100 employees or more, that’s it all of which use more than 80 million staff to monitor their employees They receive adequate vaccinations or show the wrong test on least once a week. Some of the biggest companies it already needs it. Connected planes. Disney. Tyson diets, aand even Fox News. The most important point, we are going to protect vaccinated workers from friends who have not been vaccinated. ”

Fox News has vaccinated every vaccine and has ordered all workers to disclose their vaccines

Via AdWeek:

The company is now asking all employees to get their vaccinations in the financial services and HR, Workday. The networks say this is happening “by setting up space and finding connections in line with DCD / government health and safety guidelines.”

Masks remain preferred for staff at Fox News who received the vaccine, but are “recommended in all general areas of the home.”

Fox News Already Performs Biden’s COVID Program

Fox News has a passport-issuing pass and has made life difficult for unprotected workers, which goes hand in hand with Biden’s statement condemning them.

Fox News has vaccinated its users and others on-camera / studio but continues to impersonate those who do not. Watch Fox viewers stumble and try to walk in the midst of anger and not tell viewers the truth of their vaccine is fun.

Biden caused a stir in Fox News by revealing the truth about their fraud in the country.

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