Biden Dares Republican Governors To Sue Him On Vaccine Mandate

President Biden has asked Republican governors to join him and prosecute him on his new vaccination charges.


Biden tells Republican governors to “stay with him,” and sue him over his vaccination. He then takes Republican governors to participate in the games.

The president was asked about Republican governors who threatened to sue him for his vaccination, to which he replied:

Have it. Look. I’m very disappointed. Especially that some of The Republican ambassador was present so cavalier and health of these children, very active and healthy in their communities. That is, we are playing the real thing here. It’s not a game, and I don’t know of any scientist out there who doesn’t think it makes sense to do the six things I made for you.

And, let me finish with this. I hope students can learn uneducated and say, politics does I don’t have to be that way. Politics should not do that This way. He’s going to the place he sees it is like a war. Like a sour argument. If the Democrats are right everyone says he’s gone. I mean, that’s not how we live type. That’s not how we fight everyone other problems in history. We must come together. I think that many, look at the survey. Most Americans people know we should do it these things. It’s hard but it’s worth it. We will do this.

Biden is doing what Trump and Republicans refuse to do. He is working to protect the American people. The six points that President Biden wrote yesterday will help vaccinate more, and more vaccines mean fewer and healthier COVIDs in our lives.

Republicans can sue President Biden, and they will lose.

In the meantime, Biden’s claim that more Americans will be vaccinated, and that people will be safer.

Gradually, the Republican death toll is dwindling.

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