6 Tiny Actions to Change Your Mood, Energy & Outlook in Less Than 2 Mins (& A September Challenge!)

Real talk: have you ever not done something you know is good for you, because you think it has to be a certain way, look a certain way, or last a certain amount of time for it to “count”? Yeah. Hello. Me, too. I used to be the queen of it (and all kinds of all-or-nothing thinking). Until I realized that I kept waiting and waiting for these perfect moments to do anything good for myself (and my health)….. And they weren’t coming often enough. Especially when I wanted to feel GOOD, most days, most weeks and most moments, but I couldn’t really ever find the time.


Anyone else?

So I had to have a talk to myself. A very honest one. Because all-or-nothing thinking, in any area of ​​life, often leaves you with just…nothing.

It’s a lie we tell ourselves, and a belief that we’re letting the show run. The fact of the matter, and the truth is that ANY amount of time that you are dedicating to yourself, to your health and to your vibrancy counts. It all adds up over time. And more than just the act itself, it’s about choosing to say yes to yourself. That you are worthy of care and love and attention. It’s about the energy of treating yourself well that really makes the difference. Nourishing yourself, in all aspects.

So sometimes when I notice myself falling back into that thinking (aka, “I only have 15 minutes so what’s the point of trying to get a workout in” vs. “15 mins, wow! That’s plenty of time to shift my energy, mood , blood flow & perspective!”), I challenge myself. I set a timer for 2 minutes and go do something that I know will nourish me in some way. Just to remind myself and prove it to myself that the all-or-nothing thinking is a lie & not helping or serving me to be my best.

If you fall into the trap, too, (which I know is SO easy to do, especially with all of the pressure we have on our plates collectively), I’d encourage you to try it out. Set a timer, choose something that lights you up and refills your soul, and see how far you get.

6 Tiny, 2-Minute Actions to Change Your Mood, Energy & Outlook

Here are some examples of my favorite, quick, immediate mood-boosters:

1. Chlorophyll drops in your water:

For hydration first thing in the morning vs. coffee/caffeine which is dehydrating, for skin plumping & glowing, as an internal deodorizer– aka, less stinky sweat! (Did you know chlorophyll helps with that?!) It’s an immediate but gentle energy boost and helps with better digestion. I love this kind (but there is no mint in it, currently doing that for breastfeeding), but for beginners the mint is probably a nice addition. These have mint, come in a 2 pack, and are a great add-on if you’re going to order any meals this fall. (Use the code XOSRH for 20% off your entire order.)

2. Two minutes of movement:

Anything… Dancing, jumping, shaking or a power walk around the house or block. And who knows, after 2 minutes you may feel so good you want to keep going. By moving your body, you’re circulating your blood & lymph, and removing any staleness and stagnation (which often translates into mental/emotional stagnation and lower energy). So shake it out! (Seriously, at the minimum, go somewhere you can be alone for a few minutes and SHAKE IT OUT…. your entire body. Your energy gets clear in a few minutes, you’ll see. It’s an instant-state shifter, or way to energetically shake off anything negative).

3. Make a green smoothie:

Often when our blood sugar is out of whack, our mood/energy is also out of whack. I fully believe there’s no more perfect food than a green smoothie to balance things out because you can fit pretty much all of your nutritional needs into one: healthy fats, veggies/leafy greens, protein, carbs, etc. I have a Green Smoothie Guide in The Shop with 23 of my best and favorite recipes to mix it up if you need ideas— check it out here!

4. One minute of squats:

Or push-ups. Or plank. Something about a quick strength movement, even just a minute, can release endorphins and make you feel strong throughout your body (which, yes, translates to your mental state!).

5. Face spray:

I love this little refresh—both physically as you feel the mist on your skin, but also mentally as it helps you to pause, breathe and really feel the sensation of the spray. It’s like a mini-meditation if you let it be. I love this rosewater face spray and this “everything” spray (use code “simplyrealhealth” to save 10%). I also like theirs seasonal home scents sprayed in the room you’re in (not on your face for that one, lol), but it can awaken the energy in the room with a quick spritz.

6. Two minute meditation:

Or just lying down on your back with your feet propped up on a pillow. Alternatively, you can put your feet up a wall. This nourishes your gut, ovaries and immune system and helps with better circulation. It’s also a nervous system calmer, so it’s great to recharge or calm down before bed too.

In changes of seasons, I find it helpful to give myself a little challenge to help me stay grounded & steady as things shift around me. And these little shifting moments play a big part in it. This month, I’m challenging myself to do 3 of these things a day— proving to myself that yes I *do* have time for the things that make me feel good (even in this busy season of life).

That it’s not about perfection, it’s about the energetic act of caring for myself, no matter the amount of minutes. That I am, my health is, and my life is worth infusing more joy, love and nourishment (mentally, physically and emotionally) into, no matter how small the window of time is.

Like, I can’t argue with myself that I don’t have 2 minutes, because we all do, or can make the time for that.

Because the result of that mindset? It’s game-changing, to say the least.

So this September, here’s my little challenge to myself that I’d love to invite you to join: to move for 10 minutes, drink my chlorophyll water first thing in the morning, and do a 2 minute meditation or legs up on a pillow or wall. If you end up joining me, tag me over on @simplyrealhealth to share your progress!


Wishing for even more nourishing, doable ways to improve your health?

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