Introducing Simply Real Health: The Shop

Eeeek… It’s here, it’s here! My team and I have been hard at work behind the scenes all summer long working on something *just* for you… the new and improved Simply Real Health: The Shop!

(And through the weekend, you can use code LABORDAY at checkout to get 15% off any SRH products *not including Simply Real Eating Cookbook, but The Simply Real Health Cookbook has the 15% code activated on amazon listing itself for you alll)

I can’t even believe it’s real and HERE, ready for you to browse and shop and make your life more effortlessly healthy, in every way. I wanted to create a space that was a catch-all for all of my products, resources, and favorite things. A one-stop-shop for everything you need for a beautiful, healthy life, made simple.

It’s got some of the SRH classics that have been revamped and updated (The Baby Food Files and seasonal meal plans) plus my cookbooks, the Cooking Club, and specialty guides like The Healthy Breakfast Guide and The Green Smoothie Guide… and sooo much more to come!

And I rounded up a bunch of my favorite products from other brands, like natural skincare, pantry staples, and natural beauty products. It’s all there, all available to help upgrade your life and make you feel good every single day.

Here’s a breakdown of everything that’s available in The Shop so far:

  • The Baby Food Files
  • The Simply Real Health Cooking Club
  • The Fall Meal Plan
  • The Simply Real Health Cookbook
  • The Simply Real Eating Cookbook
  • The Green Smoothie Guide
  • The Healthy Breakfast Guide
  • The Healthy Snack Guide
  • The Healthy Cocktail Guide

And coming SOON…

  • The Summer Meal Plan
  • The Winter Meal Plan
  • The Spring Meal Plan
  • The Dinner Only Meal Plan
  • The Productivity & Efficiency Workshop
  • The Limiting Beliefs Workshop

Plus some of my favorites for you to browse:

  • My Favorite Natural Skincare Products
  • My Pantry, Fridge & Freezer Staple List
  • My Favorite Natural Beauty Products
  • The Painted Picture Manifestation Workshop

What else would you like to see in The Shop?! I’d love to hear, because this is a space created just for you. We want to make it as easy as possible to live a healthy, abundant life. More to come soon, but for now, enjoy all that the shop has waiting for you! Don’t forget to use code LABORDAY to save 15% on SRH products (minus the SRE cookbook) all weekend long!

photo by Talitha Bullock

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