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Something I can always get behind? A little spring style refresh. Nothing like taking an afternoon to clean out your closet, making a donation pile of things you don’t like / wear (or that don’t fit) and reorganizing everything else.

In a funny but totally immediate way, it can be such a mental reset, too. It lets you take stock of this space that we usually breeze past as we pick out a t-shirt and leggings, and it breathes a bit of new life into your home.

And it gives you a bit of mental clarity, too— same goes for cleaning out your fridge / pantry, car, garage, junk drawer, office, kids’ rooms, etc. etc. etc.

Don’t believe me? Give it a try this weekend! Take an hour or two to pull everything off your hangers and out of dresser drawers, and be ruthless: if you don’t wear it, it doesn’t fit or you don’t even like it all that much, someone else can get MUCH better use out of it. Trust. Add it to the donation pile (bonus if you can find a local women and children’s shelter to drop it off at)!

And you will feel relieved to have a refreshed space and a better grip on what your options are. Ditto for anywhere else in your home: When we clear out the clutter out of our physical spaces, it has a way of cleaning the clutter of our mental spacetoo.

And I think these days, especially, we could all use more mental space. Small, simple ways to care for ourselves — so that then we can give our fullest love and energy to others.

But… sometimes? A little closet refresh also turns into the realization that you’re missing a few things: a great pair of jeans that fit well AND are comfortable, or a few workout tanks to have as staples, or a nice coat that isn’t 10+ years old and falling apart (literally) at the seams.

So today, I want to share some spring style favorites and picks, so that you can intentionally source a thing or two that your closet may be missing…

My spring 2022 style favorites:

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