13 Toddler Items I’m Loving Now That Noah is 3!

1. the best bubble bath (non-toxic too!) – I don’t know why it took me so long to think of doing bubbles in the bath, but it’s so much fun. We’ve started doing Friday night movie nights each week as a family, and our latest routine has been an early bath– before dinner– so that we can maximize our picnic & movie time on the floor. The bubbles make it extra special and fun, and I love that I can add baby June in for a dip without worrying about any harsh chemicals on her skin.

2. toddler travel bed– as he’s made the transition from crib to big kid bed, I’m excited to give this one a try on our next trip. The bonus is that you can use it with the slumberpod (my favorite baby / toddler item of ALL time if you travel with your kids, as mentioned in my post on favorite toddler items for 2 year olds here), thereby always making sure they have a dark, cozy spot that’s their own to wind down in, no matter what your accommodations set up is.

3. strider bike- one of my favorite ways to get us all outside. And a great way to work on balance. Check craigslist and OfferUp for these too, that’s where we got ours.

4. magnetic bead drawing board– a great little activity for the car, traveling, or out to dinner. I like open-ended toys that will grow with him, and this hits all the spots.

5. small spaces arts & crafts kit– so perfect for travel or small spaces, or to test out what kind of art and crafts they like before investing in those particular ones. This one has a wide assortment- it’s actually wild how much fits in this small container.

6. this toddler backpack– I get so many Q’s about his little backpack for school, so linking it here. Check with your school, sometimes they have certain sizes they need (which was the case with ours, it needed to fit a full file folder, waterbottle, lunch and a snack each day). Something in me just couldn’t get into the cartoon characters ones that everyone seems to have. And at least until he has a strong preference or excitement for a certain thing, I get to pick! lol. We also use this while traveling for his snacks, games, masks, etc.

7. the sneaky snacky squirrel game– we’re just learning how to play some board games, and it’s actually so fun to do. This game was recommended to me by one of my best friends, and it’s perfect: simple, works on motor skills and is fun to play. I also just started go fish with him, and candyland because I remember loving it so much as a kid.

8. waterproof sleep anywhere pad– file under necessities if you’re making the transition away from diapers while they sleep. These are so perfect for putting on top of a sheet in a crib or bed, or using it underneath the sheet as an extra layer (that’s way easier to toss in the wash vs having to strip the entire bed).

9. all weather rain suit– to help get us outside even in rainy Seattle winters. It makes playground visits & bike rides way easier (no towels needed at the park) and the best part of all: when you’re done, peel it off and they’re all clean when you get home. Side hack: this is a great thing for snow days in the PNW if you don’t have a snow suit. Just layer with warmer clothes underneath (I got 2-3T size, but probably could have gone up to 4-5T to stretch it’s use for a few years).

10. lunchbox– I get asked this every single week. I love this box, although it’s a little heavy, but I love all the compartment options and the fact that I can do warm food in that bowl too if I want to (aka leftovers if I need to make a lunch reallll quick).

11. hatch light – we’re jumping on the bandwagon with this one, especially with the crib to big kid bed transition. I like that it has all different colored lights and sound settings and that you can program it ahead of time or change with your phone and the app. Truthfully we’re still getting used to it, but I think it will be a helpful thing for sure.

12. this kids toothpaste- this is also a QI get asked a lot. I like this one because there is no stevia or weird sweeteners but the taste is super mild. And flouride-free! We alternate this one with Risewell Kids Toothpaste, which is a little more of a classic kids toothpaste feel, and has some stevia and gums in it. But also flouride-free and pretty great compared to the stuff that’s in most conventional toothpastes.

13. Plus Plus buildable toys- I bought these on a whim before a trip because they looked easy to pack, they looked like they could last a few years in terms of what you can do or create with them and he loves legos. They’ve been a daily hit ever since! I love the tactile and hand-eye coordination and imagination too!

Books we’re reading in heavy rotation now: 5 minute stories (these are soo great to give parents a little variety, and give kids a fun choice, all in one book. I love them for trips too, it’s like 12 books in one. We’ve been loving these 5 minute versions: Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Daniel Tiger More Stories and Five Little Monkeys. And also a great stand-alone book to talk about feelings & emotions that he loves right now (and needs, lol): All About Feelings

So, my friend– what are some of your favorite toddler items for 3 year olds? Share it with all of us in the comments below!

I also get a lot of requests to do a post like this on favorite toddler clothes, so let me know if that’s something you’d love below too ?

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