Walk Well First: A New Way to Train Strong

A lot of experience in the fitness industry is a beautiful thing; it helps coaches and more people learn at a higher level. However, too much knowledge can also lead to great confusion. Realizing how to train yourself and others can be a rollercoaster ride – not always fun.

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Unfortunately, the goals that led to these company conversations are often realistic. Coaches want to help clients achieve results, and ordinary people are just looking to feel better. However, between the confusion and the growing need for fitness companies to create a well-known language that professionals and consumers can understand. And a well-known language should focus on helping people to move smoothly and often for long periods of time.

Changing corporate language may sound like an impossible task, but two principles cannot be denied:

  • Set a progressive attitude.
  • Help people move more.

Regardless of your goals (muscles hypertrophy, power, performance, etc.), these two factors are essential for companies to move in the right direction. The exercise routine is magical, and should start in the gym for children. The lack of self-control in children is a serious problem for society.

However, it is not too late to restore what Gray Cook they call it “walking art.” Here is Gray’s definition of how to gain the ability to walk:

This we measure and monitor movement. If the analysis shows pain or dysfunction in a reduced way or asymmetry, there is a problem with the art of mobility. Or, there is a big problem – choose your time, but explain the point. Adequate skills indicate acceptable behavior of movement.

Achieving walking skills can be challenging if we focus on our fitness programs to look good. I am a bodybuilder and have worked hard build bigger muscles and look better since I was 15. I have been making rapid progress for almost 20 years and I have realized that my cosmetic drive has left me with the wrong walking patterns. Now I am forced to try to improve my walking skills instead of just looking good.

This does not mean that I will never be able to do makeup, but I do need to have the freedom to set up my own education. Muscle building is especially important as you get older, but you may have better walking skills at any level of exercise. Building muscle and staying strong should be your main goal, once you start walking well.

Adjustment Facilitator

This was my guide to developing a hypertrophy training approach. In the past, bodybuilders could exercise less, five minutes on a cardio machine, and exercise less. heating sets before jumping into a 25-set workout chest and triceps. Adolescent carriers without too many miles on their body may leave with this method for a while, however this process can ultimately leave you with asymmetries, injuries, pain, and frustrating progress..

You do not have to be 50 years old to get an old school education. Monga Dan John it says, “It’s not years, it’s miles.” I have been teaching hard for about 20 years with a weekly rest here, but not infrequently. Kilometers are inside this small body.

If you want to stay in high performance for a long time, the endless sets of eight to 15 reps per body part may not be what your body wants. So, what should a person who is chasing the bodybuilder do instead of splitting up? Look at and direct important human movements and deal with specific sets, reps, and properties. If you look at a good move at first, you will be amazed at how your body will be able to regain its weight, often.

Integrated Designs

Like any other teacher or powerful teacher, my philosophy has changed over the years. Today, I adhere to the philosophies of various tried and tested methods.

Functional Movement Systems (FMS) is a way to help understand the basics of walking and changing exercise. Most people can benefit from FMS research. Along with a well-known dietary history in the diet, FMS provides a solid foundation for software development. For the first or last, the starting point is where you start and end.

Each strength and muscle hypertrophy program should have some change in this movement depending on the person’s goal. The series was heavily influenced by the well-known Dan John:

  • Push: push-ups, bench press, top printers
  • Kokani: dumbbell lines, curved lines, chin, pulling up
  • Squat: goblet squat, squat forward, squat back, squat one leg
  • Hinge: to die, change of kettlebell, one-legged, Olympic lifts
  • Loaded Carry: carrier farmer, carrying suitcases, carrying on top, carrying sand
  • Sources: shaking, rolling, crawling, crawling, turkey waking up
  • Core / Rotation / Anti-rotation: ab wheel rollouts, cable press out, chops, lifts

The New Age Bodybuilding Template

Below is a basic template for hypertrophy that consists of a three-week uplift for 6 weeks. Dividing your energy and stamina into four to six components makes your body fit, strong, and well-organized. This length of time seems like fun, since most people have what I call “Exercise ADD.”

Program Components:

  1. Repairs
  2. Travel Planning
  3. Raise Weights
  4. The last

1. Repair

Referrals are based on FMS and health history. For example, a good score for an Straight Working leg and 3/3, 0 due to pain. Your goal should be to achieve symmetry (2/2 or 3/3 map). If your score is 2/1, The following actions will use the core and motor control to adjust the hip rotation and stretch.

  • Alligator Breathing: Lie on the floor in a comfortable position for 2-3 minutes. I like on the stomach to feel the wall of the stomach. Breathe in and out of your nose. Look for inhalation inside your stomach. It can help you imagine breathing in your feet.
  • Lowering Help: 10 repetitions for each leg
  • Build a Hip Lift: 5 x 10-seconds works on either side

2. Travel Preparation

Before you start exercising, spend 5-10 minutes preparing for this exercise:

  • Kettlebell arm curves: 5 per side
  • Halo kneeling kettlebells: 10 repetition
  • Goblet squat w / priing waves: 5 repetition
  • Lunge Matrix: 6 repetition
  • Plank to Down Dog: 10 reps (not in video)
  • Inchi Worms: 10 reps (not in video)
  • Jump Cord: 2-5 minutes (not on video)

3. Raise Weights

Below are the reps for the three-day upgrade. Plan your week so that you do not raise two days in a row.

  • Monday (or Tuesday): 5×5 pa
  • Wednesday (or Thursday): 8×3 pa
  • Friday (or Saturday): 3 × 8-12

The following exercises are based on the following basic exercises:

  • Push: One-arm kettlebell printing press, one-arm bench press, push-ups
  • Kokani: Curved line, jaws
  • Squat: Goblet Squat, one-legged squat, front squats
  • Hinge: Deadlift, single-leg deadlift, kettlebell swing
  • Loaded Carry: farmer walking, suitcase carrying
  • Work Under: Turkey wakes up, crawls and rolls
  • Core (round / anti-rot): McGill Big 3, releases, anti-rotating ads

4. The last

Choose one finalist for each course:

  • Air Bike Competition: 6-8 rounds for 30 seconds, 30 seconds off
  • Concept 2 Rower: 1,000 meters
  • Ski Erg Games: Round 3 for one minute, pause 2 minutes between sprints
  • Sled Push / Kokani: 5×50 pa
  • Combat Cords: 8 x 20 reps for 2 hand slams. Rest for 30 seconds between sets.

Cool down

Proper healing will give your body a good foundation for continuing to build muscle for a long time. Before jumping out of a gym after a workout, follow these steps:

  • Cattle respiration: 2 minutes
  • Head gestures: 10 repetitions up and down and 10 repetitions side by side
  • Dogs: 10 reps / parts
  • Rock backs: 20 reps
  • Egg yolks: 20 reps
  • Ascent and descent from the ground: 5-10 repetitions
  • Baby crawling, Spiderman crawling: 30-40 yards each

Change Is Here

I will always be calm in my heart. I love exercise and I am amazed at how many powerlifters can walk. But “pedal to the metal” exercises can be confusing.

If we continue to lead people to the gymnasium divisions, forcing the Olympic promotion of people who are unprepared and may not be ready to do so, and get out of the squat, deadlift, and bench press, for a long time. pick up will not come. Instead, let’s focus on encouraging people to move.

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