3 Healthy Weekly Foods Within 30 Minutes [Free Cooking Class Replay]

Ahhh, you guys, this week was absolutely magic. I did my free, live cooking class Tuesday to share about how I make three nutritious meals a week (at least 30 minutes) and RETURN because of the energy and excitement.

What I do know: a nutritious diet should not be empty. Or a crazy price. Or unstable. Or take a lot of time, with the power of thought.

And… that we all need more energy today. Keeping us busy, full weeks and having a positive attitude when things go crazy.

The truth is, what we eat EVERY day, affects all of this. It’s the small things and choices that combine. And here is the starting point – choosing healthy, energy-efficient, exercise-friendly foods can be fun. and simple (… real).

This is what my free cooking class this week was all about, really! If at mealtimes you feel tired or weary or fainting, I encourage you to go and see it, if nothing but a few new ideas in the kitchen is the encouragement you have found this. You do.

Allow yourself to be upgraded, allow you to remove some of the complexity. And remind yourself that we can always make things easier for ourselves – they can just take on new ideas and change of mindset.

Check out the recipes recipes here on three nutritious meals, all within half an hour! I promise you will find more happiness and relaxation and permission to give up perfection afterwards… I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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