The Build Back Better Bill Must Do Better on a Bicycle

If you have read Any of my comments about the electric bike here at WIRED (which are almost worldwide) then I would not be surprised to hear that my life changed for the last seven months when I bought my electric bike.

My children go to school about a mile from our home in Portland, Oregon. Even in the worst of weather, I rush to pick up my luggage Price of GSD, slowly turn the car around and look at the parking lot, grab my kids at the door, and head back home in ten minutes. Being fit and exercising has helped me to stay healthy, at a time when nothing seems to be working for me.

I am not alone. Economists estimate that by 2020, around half a million Americans also bought ebikes, surpassing the sales of electric vehicles at a rate of two to one. This year IZO, exhibitors like Totem and Giant showcased new bikes, while others liked them Bosch, Tern, and Carla Cargo showcased new ebike innovations such as integrated software and heavy duty trailers that small businesses can use for shipping.

This makes it frustrating that the Build Back Better Act, or as it is also known, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act – which President Biden recently signed into law imposes such restrictions on electric bicycle taxes. If you want to get a tax on your electric bike, you can get a 30 percent credit in five years to $ 3,000 on a new bike, which is a total loan of $ 900. This tax credit applies to bicycles that cost $ 4,000 or less. Of course, most ebikes — especially those designed for carrying babies and food — are far more expensive. It also makes it possible for anyone with a converted income to be more than $ 75,000, or $ 150,000 for couples who keep together.

The law strongly opposes significant reductions in electric vehicles, which offer a direct $ 7,500 direct plug-in car tax charge, and up to $ 500 if the car battery is manufactured in the United States and an additional $ 4,500 credit if the car is manufactured by a manufacturer. agreement. This discount also applies to sports cars up to $ 80,000. Sedans that cost up to $ 55,000 are worth it.

It is good that the bill passed. However, the $ 900 tax on ebike is a small amount of money compared to the thousands of dollars you get from the government by buying an electric car. As a cyclist, this sounds frustrating and confusing. To address the problem of the weather, we must deal with the problem of our cars instead of feeding them. We have to give ebikes, and all the bike manufacturers, the wholehearted support we give to cars.

Safe Way

Under the Build Back Better Act, my electric bike would not qualify for a tax refund. My Tern GSD S00 also sells for $ 6,499. I was lucky enough to get a cheap show bike, but the price was above the $ 4,000 bill.

However, I was willing to pay a lot of money for a bicycle that would suit my needs and help protect my children. As a young mother, I find it important to have a small bicycle that I can carry and ride easily. Tern bikes are big enough for me to steer. In addition, Tern ebikes are powered by Bosch engines, and the Bosch systems are one of the few UL-certified electric motor vehicles for safety and fire safety. In addition, Tern bikes are EFBE tested due to anxiety and fatigue. Most ebikers under $ 4,000 do not have these security licenses, but for me, that is a must. He makes sure that my pedals do not break or fall when I travel 20 mph, and that my bike does not hit me or light a fire in my glass.

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