How Do You Follow the Stars?

All the astrologers with whom I have spoken have emphasized confusing things as one major reason for predicting the universe no, at all 100 percent guaranteed. “People have mistaken ideas about astrology as looking into crystal ball and seeing a brighter future,” says Brennan, “but that’s not really astrology.”

Here is where prediction it turns out to be a number of astrologers who love to predict the future: prediction. Astronomers are more likely to predict the future in greater depth or depth than they really are, and many astrological predictions for our day are in reality. Predictions have a lot of potential for a variety of possible outcomes and allow for human error in interpretation. Horoscope predictions work this way, just as they do for future years and space forecasts, and they are usually exactly what happens within the dialogue between astrologers and their clients.

Monga Sam Reynolds, a former astrologer who became a member of the International Astronomical Observatory. ISAR. [astrology] he can describe what can be seen, what we experience, “is an extension of Heraclitus’ statement” character and future. “Character affects the way we live our life. learning how to use an arm that you can work with. “

Reliable performance is what the astrologer, teacher, and CUSP app cofounder Kirah Taborn he makes it for himself and his clients. A conservative astronomer, Tabourn considers predictions to provide “further proof of the present system of things by means of a foregleam of the future,” including a priceless gift of life. “[Astrological timing] it helps people feel if there is a plan, a system of things, “he says.” It helps people make decisions. “

If astrology actually imparts “time” to make decisions, then astrology can also help us to discern the ‘wrong time.’ Warning of weapons, as the ancient saying goes, and astrology is an important factor in navigating the future. Astronomer Pallas Augustine states: “As we examine the history and history of astrologers, it is important to note the repetition. This can include repeated repetitive behavioral problems, such as relapsing mental or physical health, compassionate topics that require a lot of compassion each time they arise from a client. Astrology, applied calmly and skillfully, can help “to discern the meaning and the proportion of it [going forward] looking for differences, ”says Augustine.

However, knowing that people make choices based on astrology comes with the need for good manners when interpreting customer highs and lows. “Our customers and consumers’ content is often in a very burdensome environment [astrologers] to say, ”adds Taborn. “Remembering these powerful forces is very important.”

Is astrology really useful? It puts the practice at risk of being misused by careless species with dubious commitment to decent behavior. An astrologer who is more concerned with accuracy or being (known) than a supporter is at greater risk of running away unreliable. This leads people who use astrology as a reason to chase an ambulance or create viruses, dangerous. Astrologers who have not been trained in the art of mechanical engineering or astronomy, even with the best of intentions, are at risk of being unwittingly frustrated with their clients. Some astronomers try to solve this problem through code for morals, but because there is no governing body that dictates who can call themselves astrologers or who do not claim to be astrologers, such codes cannot be controlled if the actors act recklessly. Furthermore, these symptoms, by their very nature, cannot completely eliminate cultural differences or cultural differences.

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