Elizabeth Holmes is guilty, but the Theranos saga is not over

Elizabeth Holmes’ trial is over, but that doesn’t mean she’s out of date. After months of disputes and seven days of negotiations, the judges judged former Theranos chief of four out of 11 cases of conspiracy and fraud. Now, Holmes awaits his final decision, Hollywood is making its own version of the former CEO’s story.

Some say that the Holmes case represents the “Silicon Valley” case and the “lie until you make it”. way, and of course, terrorism cases – not leaving the wrong decisions – against modern leaders are a common occurrence. Coming from Hulu and Apple, however, could offer a real boost. These wonderful messages of Theranos saga can explain how the world understands Holmes and the Silicon Valley culture that shaped him.

Legally, Holmes’ future has not been published. The jury found that the 37-year-old was guilty of one count of money laundering and three counts of wire fraud. But when the judges ruled that Holmes was not guilty of any criminal offense and that there were three counts of felony criminal mischief, he was almost liable to death for three counts of felony criminal mischief. Presiding Judge Edward Davila is preparing for the announcement sentence for unspecified cases.

Federal opponents also have to choose whether to follow new hearings on three unresolved cases, and freedom fighters may appeal the wrong decisions. Holmes faces a fine of up to $ 250,000 on each count (including reimbursement) and up to 20 years in prison. It may depend months for the judge to rule on Holmes’ verdict, and it exists no minimum sentence is accepted. That is why it is possible Holmes does not go to prison at all.

But inevitably, Mr. Holmes will face a civil court.

As technology companies continue their efforts for many years Holmes as a distraction, an exciting business is just beginning. Hulu and Apple Jobs – Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Lawrence, respectively, play Holmes – plans to hold a referendum on what was wrong with Theranos, and represent the way people remember Holmes and his company in ways that his camera-free tests would not have been possible.

The story of Elizabeth Holmes goes to Hollywood

Silicon Valley lost Elizabeth Holmes shortly after Theranos’ technical issues did not work out. Tech industry leaders are argued for years when the introduction of blood tests did not follow their path. He added that Theranos was heavily sponsored by local investors, not only large financial institutions, but also that the company did not include well-known biotech experts in its group.

This argument did not work. Holmes was assisted by some well-known technical experts, including Don Lucas is Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison. Often wearing a black turtleneck uniform and embracing his role as a college leaver, Holmes also received comparisons with Silicon Valley kings, such as Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. Even throughout the trial, Holmes ‘lawyers tried to justify Theranos’ false claims about his ability to test blood. on the course in the original country.

“The fraud that Holmes claims was a sign of a number of reasons motivated him to do so, and he is not alone,” Len Sherman, a professor of business at Columbia and a former colleague of Accenture, told Recode. “This is a very serious case that has been prosecuted and is growing – hopefully – to more people.”

Silicon Valley may try to attract the attention of the Theranos story, but Hollywood is shedding light. From the Wall Street Journal initially sounded the alarm on the accuracy of the company’s blood test in 2015, several records have investigated errors in Theranos. This includes HBO records under the direction of Alex Gibney The Inventor and an ABC research podcast The Dropout.

Big budget promotional videos and videos accompany fans. Hulu is releasing new services based on ABC podcast in March – also called The Dropout – and has already been released photos of Seyfried as Holmes. And even though it did not announce the release date, Apple confirmed recently will be supporting and distributing Theranos film directed by Adam McKay and Jennifer Lawrence. It is called Bad Blood, and is based on the eponymous book by John Carreyrou, a Wall Street Journal researcher who previously reported on Theranos’ erroneous technology.

Cameras not allowed in court in the case of Elizabeth Holmes, which means these notes, TV shows, and movies will continue to be the first thing people watch (instead of reading) Theranos. But the service will also be an opportunity for people to make their own decisions about Holmes and his company, according to Dan Birman, a literature director and professor at the University of Southern California.

“When we get into a big issue like this, it’s a constant change that will happen over time,” Birman said. That’s what history does.

Theranos is not the only embarrassing technical company that receives treatment. Next month, Showtime will release a series called Most Oppressed: Uber War, who star Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Uber co-founder and former CEO Travis Kalanick. Apple is also working on a few so-called groups WeCrashed about the rise and fall of WeWork, in which Jared Leto will be the former CEO of the company, Adam Neumann, and Anne Hathaway will play his wife, Rebekah Neumann.

You could also say that shooting the founders of Silicon Valley is becoming a Hollywood tradition. The projects follow in the footsteps of the 2010 blockbuster with the launch of Facebook, The Social Network, and Jesse Eisenberg playing the sinful Mark Zuckerberg. There were also two films about Steve Jobs: a 2015 play by Sorkin, starring Michael Fassbender as Apple founder, and a 2013 biopic starring Ashton Kutcher. None of these videos feature the captivating images of the most talented professionals.

So far, most of Theranos’ court cases have not been filed. Another case involving Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani, a former Theranos technical director and Holmes’ ex-girlfriend, is expected. beginning February 15. Balwani is also accused of cheating patients and bankers, but his case differed from that of Holmes because of his lawyers. waiting to accuse him violence as part of his defense. His upcoming trial is a reminder that the Theranos case does not seem to end.

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