Digital twins help to create real-life scenarios

Global developments combined with digital identities – digital twins – provide important information that helps companies identify and solve problems before prototypes are created and streamline in the field, says Alberto Ferrari, executive director of Model-Based Digital. Thread Process Capability Center in Raytheon.

“As they say, ‘All models are wrong, but some are useful,’ ‘Ferrari says. “Digital twins, assisted by data – such as real-world models – are a way of identifying models that are useful for decision-making.”

The concept is beginning to fade, with the digital market for digital twins and gadgets growing 58% per annum to reach $ 48 billion by 2026, up from $ 3.1 billion by 2020. Using technology in digital signage saves resources, money, and time. However this technology is also used to compare more, from urban dwellers to electronic systems to the deployment of new jobs.

Take different manufacturers such as Raytheon and Swedish distillery Absolute Vodka, who use the technology to create new products and streamline their production processes, from sales through manufacturing and, ultimately, to remodeling and disposal. Singapore, London, and several Texas Gulf Coast cities have created digital twins for their regions to address city traffic, including traffic congestion, analysis of construction patterns, and predicting climate change impacts. And companies like Bridgestone and drone-service provider Zipline are using integrated data and operational data to help launch new applications.

Companies have adopted digital twins as part of their digital transformation, marketing strategy, weaknesses, and efficient use. The digital system of every company should look at whether a particular aspect of its business, its operations, or its environment can be tracked for more information.

Adapt to design and production

The modern technology of digital twins is based on computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided technology developed over 30 years ago. These software programs allow engineers to create simulations to test the design of objects. Craftsmen, such as the clay roof, made a computer program and then gave it to an artist or sculptor to make it into clay, wood, or other materials that needed to be tested.

Nowadays, the process has changed the prototyping stage over time, because the large size of the computational capacity and storage does not allow for all products to be made but other information to be included, such as raw delivery information. materials, components necessary for production, and the function of chemicals in the field.

“If you look at CAD architecture and architecture 30 years ago and look at your eyes a little bit, you will see that the objects were digital twins,” says Scott Buchholz, head of state technology and public works and chief research officer at Deloitte. . Inquiry. “As power calculations and storage went up, the ability to create useful features increased, and we moved from very low conversions to more reliable systems.”

As a result, digital twin technology has taken over many industries by storm. Manufacturers of expensive cars and building materials benefit from shortening their design and development, making aerospace companies, car manufacturers, and urban design organizations all the first to adopt. Yet the founders are also taking the first-guessing concept to get a quick return on evolution.

Big benefit: digital twins have pushed away from the design of prototypes to the pipeline. Some companies that are following the zero test need to completely eliminate testing methods and support direct production, says Nand Kochhar, vice president of automotive and automotive manufacturing companies at Nokia Digital Industries Software.

That’s a big change from the old days. “The average growth spurt was between six and eight years,” says Kochhar. “Companies have been working on this project, and now they have a life span of 18 or 24 months. Now, machine manufacturing relies heavily on software, which becomes a lifeline.”

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