The End of BlackBerry Phones is Finally, Certainly Here

BlackBerry, company which once dominated smartphones, recently announced that it was abandoning major functions that support its smartphones. From today, phones will no longer have support functions, meaning they will gradually lose access to the network, including cellular networks.

It would seem hard to imagine if you did not use a cell phone at the time, but BlackBerry once dominated the smartphone market. Its keyboard-based devices are widely accepted in businesses, among other things because the services provided often run through BlackBerry servers, allowing for adequate security and optimization. An indication of its importance is that the original internal structures of Android it looks like a cheap BlackBerry, not a cheap iPhone that was released.

Unlike the people who made Android, BlackBerry’s leadership was blinded by The popularity of the iPhone. BlackBerry removed computer keyboards and relied on it to work for companies to share them in the market. The company took a year after the iPhone was released to come out with its own your mobile phone, and its programs remained a mix of old and new for a long time. Meanwhile, corporate users began to fall in love with their Apple and Android phones and pressured IT departments to help them.

BlackBerry eventually stopped using its phones and began rolling out Android models before coming out of the hardware business (now providing corporate security). The last version of the BlackBerry OS that was released started in 2013, so the devices that were affected here are very old. The promised support period ended last year, which means the company has already delivered its promises.

The consequences of termination of treatment are described in detail FAQ page that an antique weapon maker is causing. The main change is that BlackBerry no longer sends updates to these devices. Many of the offerings provide details on how the devices should be connected to a wide variety of online devices, including cellular and Wi-Fi. At some unspecified time in the future, online changes made by service providers mean that BlackBerry devices cannot be reconnected. As a result, BlackBerry states that its equipment “will no longer be expected to operate reliably, including data, calls, SMS, and 9-1-1.”

There are a number of software applications that rely on connecting to BlackBerry servers to operate. So, if you rely on something like BlackBerry World or BlackBerry Link, this will stop working today.

The number of people who may be affected by this is very small. However, it does serve as a clear indication of the decline of the critical technology.

The story first appeared Ars Technica.

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