Best New Applications for New Year’s Choices

More than 80 percent of the population they fail in their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February, and while everyone has their own reasons for supporting it, there is one major reason for all of this: Most people make bad decisions.

But it is possible to establish good ones.

New Year’s resolutions are, in effect, goals that are meant to be set as goals, not vague, unrealistic expectations. The key to setting good goals is production is SMART: real, measurable, feasible, realistic, and timely. In other words, your decisions need to be clearly defined, complex but achievable, achievable and all that you are doing right now, and with a fixed amount of time. Like you I want to write a book next year, your choice should not be a book recorder — it should be 1,000 words (direct, measurable, achievable, appropriate commitment) per week (shorter duration) until you have completed the first draft.

Once you establish a concept like this, it becomes easier to stick to – especially when you use the right software to make it work. No matter what your plans are, there are tools you can do to help you achieve your goals.

Make a Habit

Whether you want to make your bed, brush your teeth, cook often, or exercise three times a week, getting into the habit requires dedication — and having a plan to follow can be very helpful.


(iOS, macOS)

The idea behind it Mapata It’s very simple – you often break the habit of doing well in the past and build a “line,” which is very difficult to break. It is easy to modify, easy to use, and most of all, it looks great.

Price: $ 5 each for iOS and Mac apps

The Way of Life

(iOS, Android)

Way of Life takes things a little longer than Streaks. In addition to making “chains,” each practice gets notes so you can keep track of how things are going, and there are also detailed reviews to see how you are promoting your goals.

Price: Free to follow three habits; $ 6 for Premium and following unlimited habits

Run (distance)

During a plague, the speed is too high. With the gymnasium and gymnasium closed, what could people do other than run if it were 1979? If you are looking to get involved in the latest fitness, there are a number of programs you may want.

C25K Instructor

(iOS, Android)

If you have not run since you were a child, it can be very dangerous to start. Running can be difficult — especially if you push yourself to the limit.

That’s where Couch to 5K comes in: it’s an eight-week plan that allows you to get out of your bed and run (or walk-in) your first 5K in three 30-minute workouts a week. While you do not need a program to follow, the C25K Trainer makes it easy to adhere by adjusting any speed and tracking path, distance, and speed.

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