Can Cold Be Good for You?

No one likes a snow buttocks. So when François Haman tries to enroll people in his studies for the health benefits of unhealthy temperatures, he gets more, better … cold shoulders. And he does not blame them. “You will not be impressed by the crowd,” said Haman, who specializes in body temperature sensing at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

The human body is simply exposed to the elements. “I did a study where people met at 7 degrees Celsius [44.6 Fahrenheit], which is not even extreme. It’s not that cold. Only a few people were able to withstand 24 hours, “he said. (Those heads were fully clothed:” Mitts, a hat, shoes, and socks.

People strive to be comfortable or cool — not shivering, not sweating — by fluctuating indoor temperatures. It’s easy to reach the heater or shout “Alexa, heat my ass!” the moment you feel the touch of discomfort. But you should not just focus too much on the thermostat. Other reasons for the reduction in temperature are obvious: About 47 percent of American houses burn gas to burn, and 36 percent use electricity, which in the US is still produced by fossil fuels. And there may be other reasons for allowing the cold — health reasons such as Haman’s — to discover.

Haman declared: “This perversion is a thing of the past.” The bodies struggled with the cold in winter and the heat in summer. “You were going to and fro, and here and there. And that probably contributed to metabolic health, “he says.

Researchers know that your body can be very cold. New fats appear, muscles change, and your comfort level rises with prolonged cold. But what does all of this mean for modern human health — and whether we can use the cold to do better — is still open-ended questions. Some studies are trying to understand how the changes in fat or muscle as a result of freezing can help prevent metabolic disorders, such as diabetes. Someone suggests that it is easier than you might think to be comfortable in winter — without the explosion of heat.

For Haman, these are questions that help scientists because cold is one of the oldest threats to our body. “Cold, for me, is [one of] it’s very interesting because cold is probably the biggest human problem, ”he says. Although the heat is difficult, as long as I have water, shade, and good survival. Cold weather is different. ”

“If you do not work together,” he continues, “if you do not have the right tools, if you do not have the right knowledge — you will not survive. It’s as simple as that. “Observing how our bodies change in response to the older and older opponent provides insight into how they work, and how they can function effectively.

Haman started everything day with a cold bath or shower. It is an athlete because the cold causes the body to produce hormones called catecholamines, which are involved in war or flight response. “I have that idea O my God, I am very strong, and I am awake, ”He says. “This is my coffee.”

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