Where Parents Can Find Help With Weather Concerns

You can join them for free weekly newspaper Wednesday, buy their magazines for $ 18 – $ 25, or get a free five-day subscription to their email list.


Everything We Can Keep Round

If you are looking for weather-related discussions for your team and are looking for DIY team tools, this is the place for you. All We Can Save with the best-selling records from the 60 women who are at the forefront of climate change. Now, as an anthology shooter, the band has created All We Can Save Groups. He describes it as “a book club, but cooler, deeper, longer.” The program covers 10 sections (with comforting names such as Reframe, Reshape, and Persist), and training materials are free for everyone to download and launch their own forum.

Alliance for Ecotherapy & Social Justice

According to its page, the Alliance is at a crossroads of “mental health, social justice, and the environment in order to bring about positive change, justice, and healing for the Earth, for ourselves, and for our communities.” The Alliance for Ecotherapy & Social Justice offers a wide range of online ecotherapy and social justice discussions.

Weather Forecast

Produced by Margaret Klein Salamon, also known as “The Climate Psychologist,” real-time and one-hour discussions are open to everyone and free to attend. These discussions take place three times a month and are for anyone who wants to express their views on climate change — and to listen to others. The students described the discussions as “encouraging,” “comforting,” and “changing the world.”

Find the Community

Mothers of Science

Established by a team of respected climate experts (who are also mothers), the organization seeks to encourage daily mothers to ask for answers that save the world for their children. Eighty-eight out of 100 women are concerned about climate change across all political and ethnic groups. That’s why I started Science Moms, “climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe told me. season with your friends and family, and also has free webinars on weather related topics.

Trying Adaptation Parenting Facebook Group

Deep Adaptation is a group of people who believe that climate change will seriously affect access to food, water, and government services and ultimately lead to the collapse of human society. The group emphasizes nonviolence, compassion, and “preparation” for a new future. If this is true of you, you will find parents with similar interests in the group. Posting topics range from changing ideas to sharing links and resources to helpful planning tips.

Parents of the Future

The #FridaysforFuture movement (first by Greta Thunberg), Parents for Future is a group of hundreds of groups in at least 23 countries. She also offers a Climate Parent Fellowship, which supports parent advocates around the world. They have strong presence in the EU and the UK, so if that is where you are, this might be a good contact group.

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