Save Money on Registration for this iOS Loophole

As you can see from the pictures above, Calm not only subscribes to monthly subscriptions and annual Premium subscriptions, it has a wide range of options – all with different prices and nothing seems to exist.

But when you go to register to use the app, you are only given one option: an annual Premium subscription for € 49.99 / year (approximately $ 58 USD.)

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What about all the other methods? Well, in my experiment not all are available to all users, but there is a good chance that some will be available to you. And sometimes that means you can switch to a cheaper system.

How To Change The Cheap Subscription

To move to a cheaper subscription or see if you have any, you should already sign up for the app — even a free trial. So if you do not already have a subscription, list your available plans. You can always resolve it and ask for a refund if this does not make sense.

Yes, it is painful, but this is a destructive process, so you can’t expect less. (In the case of merit, this may also apply to the applications you have subscribed to, as it has been re-listed among your subscriptions, but I have not been able to confirm.)

Next, go to Preferences app, pa Your name, then click Registration.

Find the app you like and click it to view all available subscriptions. Here are all the choices I have with Calm:

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