The following year, Biden’s China Policy looks like Trump’s

On December 10, US Treasury Department imposed sanctions, including a ban on American businesses, on SenseTime, China artificial intelligence company is accused of making facial recognition programs used to fight the Chinese people who are Uyghur Muslims. The move, which is part of sanctions imposed on Human Rights Day, prompted SenseTime to suspend its planned IPO in Hong Kong.

Fortunately, Treasury added SenseTime to its China Military-Industrial Complex (CMIC) list, created by another name in November 2020 with President Trump at that time. In June, President Biden was ousted some companies on the list, added others, and increased their volume to include Chinese companies that sell monitoring technology. On December 16, eight companies added to the black list, including dronemaker DJI and a face recognition company Megvii.

The move shows how, despite speaking without words, Biden maintained Trump’s policy in China. At times, the authorities have even rebuilt Trump’s signatures, while retaliating against what he considered to be extremist views and promoting human rights.

There have been departures. In June, Biden returned called TikTok ban, which existed twice banned by U.S. judges. The ban would have forced China to withdraw from the US television program, only parent company ByteDance for sale TikTok at an American company. Biden then summoned a National security statement on all external applications within 180 days. The last day of the review passed without any major announcements.

In September, Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou boarded an Air China charter flight from Vancouver to Shenzhen, where he was greeted with flowers and a crowd of flag-waving people. Meng, the daughter of the company’s founder Ren Zhengfei, has been in Canada for three years after being questioned by US officials, who have accused her of helping Huawei escape punishment in Iran. Meng went into a a delayed contract by the Ministry of Justice, allowing him to return home to admit other wrongdoings – and to remove a key point in US-China relations.

But Biden officials have tightened some restrictions on Huawei. Trump put a Chinese company on a list which prevents US companies from doing business. U.S. companies are required to apply for a special license to sell software or other equipment such as microchips to Huawei and others listed. In March, Biden officials it made it difficult for American companies to obtain such licenses. A few months later, Huawei has released the Honor smartphone segment, so that equipment exported to China can be reused Google‘s Android operation and other programs.

“I do not see much of the day between the two world powers,” said Nazak Nikakhtar, a former trade official under Trump.

Most importantly, Biden was written off because he should avoid starting World War I without looking “soft” as the people of the US and Congress have a very negative view of China. And a change in Chinese rule under President Xi Jinping – especially the restoration of democracy in Hong Kong and the oppression of its Muslims – has made it difficult to reestablish relations. Biden recently said the US would not send government officials to the Winter Olympics in Beijing in February.

But Biden analysts say they have not given any details to China, other than to say the two countries are rivals. “It is difficult for Biden’s regime to move forward, publicly, or quickly, because of the very political downturn in China-related affairs,” said Susan Thornton, a senior diplomat in China. in the first Obama and Trump regimes.

Thornton says it is difficult to identify the principles that have banned and banned the Chinese company. Biden government said it is not trying to be China, but “in that case, I do not really understand what we are doing,” she adds. And it ‘s hard to make up for the Trump prices while the Trump era is still in its infancy, and the list of Chinese companies facing trade and economic sanctions continues to grow.

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