2021 Reveals Deep Global Vaccine Inequality

While rich countries keep the standard, Covax, a coalition of several UN agencies set up to provide vaccines to poor countries, needs to be experts in light weapons. He dreams of early 2020 with leaders of two non-profit organizations backed by Gates on Scotch and nachos, Raison d’etre of Covax was the guarantor of equal international vaccination opportunities and prevention of what is happening in the world. And at the beginning of the year, the plans looked good: More than 190 countries registered administering and receiving the vaccine through intervention.

Then things got worse. The main sponsor of the program, Serum Institute in India, which manufactures the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines, could not deliver on its promises; cases peaked in the country in March 2021, forcing a resumption of exports. Negotiations with vaccine manufacturers such as Moderna and Pfizer to sell Doses at Covax were held drawn outside. Covax officials have been forced to change their plan to deliver Rs 2 billion from this year to 2022. Despite their initial commitment, Covax hopes to miss its 2021 target by 2021. about one-third.

But some think Covax will not achieve its goal of climbing. According to Venkatapuram, in early 2021, Covax officials were making allegations of PR concealment of what was going on behind the scenes. “They use their messages to talk to the rich leaders of the rich and powerful nations, and try to persuade them to join in, not to give us a good indication of the difficulties we were in,” he said. .

A spokesman for Gavi, a non-profit organization that oversees Covax, criticized this, telling WIRED via email that “despite constant fluctuations, existing standards, etc., Covax always communicates frequently with its shareholders in the participating financial markets. including volume, schedule and time. ”(The agency usually does not disclose the names of the speakers.)

When vaccination failed, ambassadors from poorer countries were severe exposure to Covax to know when to expect their share. Rahman says he and his colleagues asked Covax heads: When will the vaccine come, say, Senegal? And he recalls answering: “There are many moving parts.” “I started to despise the idea that ‘sections are moving a lot,’ because to me it means they don’t know what’s going on,” he says.

Rahman observes that Covax’s supervisors were not cooperating with the international authorities who were trying to deliver the vaccine. Indeed, because of a lack of dialogue, many poor nations are forced to do so losing thousands of finished level due to lack of equipment needed to store and carry them. Had they had good communication with the authorities in those countries, this would have been avoided, says Rahman. “It’s a very large, unorganized group based on local knowledge.”

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