2021 Must Be A Year of Pop Disruption

About two hours to Forever‘The fast-paced 2-hour-37-minute, it struck me: This movie is bad. Strange and unpleasant, it was a different awareness and feeling that you were about to be discarded. The beast is broken; it cannot be changed again. For an additional 100 minutes, Chloe ZhaoA thorough research into the immortality of the superheroes drew all my attention. He had fights, fights, moments of catharsis. Seeing it was like making new friends. But it soon became clear: That was all that sounded good. My excitement came from watching a movie in the theater, with the people — not the movie.

Traditionally, there was a lot going up this year. As time, a Covid-19 disease time was shot by a missed opportunity. Most of this is a personal event-suspended wedding, a new year that stays away from classmates. Some are wide-open NBA games played without fans, Mulan the first in the US on Disney +. But as 2020 entered 2021, things changed. The vaccine was released and a music venue was opened; people began flocking to the theater and flooding the stadiums. The subject of Pop culture, and how people enjoy it, began to reappear, bringing much of their expectations. No Time to Die it should be a good one because, for some fans, James Bond’s new movie was their first time watching a big movie on the big screen in months. The same was true Dune. Forever that, too, is why every little bit of surprise sounded like a disappointment – and it did.

Such disappointments were common this year. But honestly, there was no way to sidestep the issue. The closure in 2020 created a great need for cultural sites. A spring without Coachella, a summer without blockbusters, a fall and a winter without regular holiday celebrations – these things have left a lot to be desired. Sure, we filled the blank with marathons are flowing, and podcasts, and TikToks, but it was hard to imagine that anything, much of it would be missing.

By 2021, most of them had returned. Movies called Dune and a new 007 flick found its way to the Imax screen. And while all of these movies were excellent, no movie this year had this Ohmygod, see? that air Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Black Panther he said. (On everything Shang-Chi is the legend of ten rings came close. Maybe Spider-Man: No Return Home, but it did get to the exhibition space as Omicron fear was in full swing.) And not necessarily because they failed to become filmmakers. We just needed it to be so much more. Like their first hug after closing, people expect their first trip to multiplex to feel successful. Maybe, in my head, I look forward to my first meeting with the Eternals feeling like a return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When Forever I just felt like any other trip to the theater – a good time, but not life-changing – the results were embarrassing. And maybe for some reason it’s not a video problem.

A slightly different change was made with the use of TV. By 2020, media feeds increased comfort food: My friends, Office, Line. Much of what went on in 2021, as the ranks became more reliable – if not more successful – in producing new cultures. Obviously, many of the most difficult programs have passed the last two years-I Can Destroy You and Mare of Easttown come to mind – but, if necessary, isolation made it easier for many viewers to have simple presentations. New Girl and Schitt’s Creek or any escapist programs on Disney +. Sure, some people have found, or have found, too difficult to climb The Sopranos, but when it comes to the excitement of new apps, it seems like a joke Tiger King and Selling Sunset it seems very interesting – giving the form change-when-call-in in a new series did not. Excellent, such as Squid game, ambiguous and / or ambiguous dependencies. Expected to appear, such as Netflix events Cowboy Bebop and Apple TV + Foundation, fell to the ground. Even when the TV was a great success, it was full of frustrations.

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