13 Cups of Best Coffee Travel (2021): Insulated, Steel, Thermal

Few of us drink at any temperature. Do the same. Mention as many drinks as you can without having to drink hot or cold. This usually means swallowing whatever you drink before 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But if you are traveling, sitting at your desk, or working in a yard, you may want to play something that you can play for hours on end. To do this, you need a double-walled vacuum-insulated container.

There’s nothing like pouring yourself a hot cup of coconut into a football match a few hours after you bring your toilet seat to the game. From coffee to glacier, tea to beer, we’ve been swapping and moving all of our beverages out of the best beverages we can find. Below are our top choices of vacuum-insulated, multi-colored coffee and beverage cups. They will all do their best to keep your joe warm – or cool when the summer comes back.

Updated December 2021: We’ve changed the selection of Klean Kanteen and Hydro Flask from tumblers to straight cups.

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