‘War 2042’ Turns Climate Problems Into A Stadium

This year, when The West is drying up, and the East is experiencing heavy rainfall over history. My area in Western Massachusetts received the heaviest rains we had ever experienced, and the wet ground produced deadly mosquitoes that bled profusely. Still, we were fortunate. Just a few hours south, my hometown is New York City he experienced a flood that destroyed a house and killed at least 11 people. As soon as I moved out of the city, I saw that the survivor was guilty. It was as if I had slowly missed the danger of the weather, and now I was floating out of the danger zone, waiting for my turn until the area grew larger and surrounded me as well.

Away from a few houses, my neighbor, an elderly lady with a big green toe and a green yard, wove silver from a dangerous summer season. He told me that because of the hot weather, our frozen landscape in New England would soon be permanently infested with seasonal figs that they hoped to plant soon.

In one way or another, most of us are dedicated to the fact that our climate will continue to deteriorate, that temperatures will continue to rise, and that the climate will continue to be strange and devastating each year. . This summer the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a shocking report stating that although the industrialized nations have fully committed themselves to reducing global warming, we have come a long way in addressing the damage that has already been done to man-made climate change, floods, forest fires, and simultaneous globalization. -a century-old storm, and now he can only expect to slow down and slow down its progress.

What is worse is that, despite the clear warning of this report, world leaders continue to drag their feet and take steps, making empty promises or not making any promises at all. In November Photo of COP26, the most destructive countries in the world, the United States and China, have refused to commit even indefinitely and indefinitely to leave coal for the next few decades. After the summit, President Biden, who “believes in science,” signed an agreement to sell gas and seawater. incredible growth.

It is enough to land one powerless and useless. Evidence that the world as we know it is heading toward an uncertain and catastrophic future is becoming ever more complex. The refusal of our leaders to discuss the dangers that people face (without stopping doing so) only makes the future worse off. So it is not surprising that we are starting to see our media that often run away starting to show submissive and inconsistent views with what we are living in our opposing views seem to be relevant.

Despite the major, well-received video games are entering Nostradamus’ prediction. War of 2042, produced by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, has recently been launched, amidst famine, war, and economic hardship caused by climate change. Most of the world in the world is gone and only two “superpowers” remain: the US and Russia (the Cold War method that shows that the publishers of the game really want to be sold to China). You play as a paid soldier, part of the billions of “non-citizens,” unlimited refugees who are not of any race and are forced to fight in vain wars fought by the remaining superpowers as the country falls around.

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