Patek Carries Gramophone In His Recent Watch

Technical challenges encountering multiple clocks starts and ends and you need to save time accurately and reliably. But in the higher realm of horology, an unexpected battlefield has emerged in recent years: the quest for verbal domination.

Clockwork clocks, which produce simple pings to calculate time, seem to be the most advanced in the production of watches. But in the age of technological advances with the gradual exposure to sound, sound has become a very important factor. As a result, in heavy-duty clocks with weak dinghies is a more visible display than accuracy for a few seconds a day.

As a result, the interests of Audemars Piguet, Chopard and Bulgari have been competing to advance their childhood in any new way. Patek Philippe, the nation with the largest chiming clock, has joined the audiophile team with the most recent watch from its Advanced Research program, which focuses on developing new clock technologies.

The Reference 5750, a platinum minute repeater, uses a new chime-amplification machine called the Fortissimo module, which also takes into account how noise is transmitted inside and outside the clock. Professional inspiration comes from an old concept like a self-made watch: a phonograph by Thomas Edison, the first musician.

Within one minute, the clock pulls the control of an internal hammer and gongs, ringing for the time in a row followed by the sound of two notes. Technology began to develop clocks in the 17th century and was later transformed into pocket watches. Why was this so important? It meant that time could be said in the dark.

The main 5750 section is a clear sapphire crystal plate, 0.2 millimeters thick. A strong vibration magnifies the vocal waves that are transmitted through metal filters that are attached to the center of the disc.

Courtesy of Patek Philippe

These items were rare, dignified, as they are today: According to Patek Philippe, who invented the first modern mechanical watch in 1989, a single watchmaker spends 300 hours repairing one watch.

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