The Best Movie On Holiday Is The One You Want To Watch

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Holidays are, above all, a time of celebration. Cookies, candles, cold-cocking relatives due to political or sports disagreements. People come to expect these things every year. And there is something else they are looking forward to: a video contest. Every family and group of friends have their own interests — and they all argue about what is best. It’s fun; it’s exhausting.

So, here’s the new system: This season, watch whatever you want to watch. It should not happen even on vacation. Make sure you do not have a menorah or a Christmas tree. Yes, people love to fight kaya The Hard and a Christmas video, or True Love and garbage, but, what do you think? No one should do that.

Over the years, even decades, Hollywood, especially viewers like Netflix and Hulu as well as the monolith Hallmark Channel, have been making more holiday movies than anyone can see. Rom-coms, family games, specials dedicated to Bill Murray – we have it all. And about 50 percent of them are illegal. (One of the most inspiring features of the session was a friend who wrote a viewing message Christmas wedding in New York, a Netflix offering that sounds like a nightmare before Christmas. Mozama. The word “dead gay fetus”Appears in one comment because it is an appropriate description of one of the characters.)

Every year for the past five years, I have been watching Carol around the holidays. Yes, it happens at Christmas, and it has a lot of tinsel and soft lighting — but it is not a ghost movie. Instead, a play by Todd Haynes, based on the book Patricia Highsmith Price of Salt, focuses on deep and sharp love. And the cheekbones of Cate Blanchett. This may not be for everyone, but for me I am finding a family, and it is important this season.

Traditionally (there are also those words), my family has been a National Lampoon Christmas Holiday family. This great Chevy Chase character is high quality and playful. Jokes still hit, but we’ve heard it all before. This year, I’ll be shooting hard to find Barb and Star Go to Vista del Mar added to the rotation. The Resurrection of the Matrix too. It is time for new bloodshed.

In 2021, most people can watch anything they want whenever they want. Of course, there are some movies that have lost their time, shut down on VHS and discarded by all promotional activities, but when they get old, they are available. Having a holiday video contest no longer requires sharp knives and a trip to Blockbuster. So this year, when you are debating which movie is best to watch after dinner, choose a new one; penyani The Power of the Dog if you want. As long as it brings happiness.

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