Raj Tahil ’81 and Mary Jo Wrenn

Raj Tahil commends MIT for starting his business. “I learned to view stress as an exciting opportunity,” says the president of Torpac Capsules, who is best known for its caps and color caps. In a spirit of opportunity, Tahil and his wife, Mary Jo Wrenn, set up a MIT donor-advised fund (DAF) – a growing number of ways to reduce charity.

Advantages of DAF. MIT DAF enables the donor to set up a charity account which is maintained and operated by the MIT Investment Management Company, where shares can be donated to MIT and to other charities. For Tahil and Wrenn, the pace at which DAF funding could be deployed began at a critical juncture: in 2020, divided the DAF into the labs of Professor J. Christopher Love, Raymond A. and Helen E. St. Laurent Chair in Chemical Engineering, to support laboratory work on a low-cost Covid-19 vaccine.

A global concept of ecology and health. The two return to MIT in a variety of ways, including a partnership to support their graduates who are doing environmental research using scientific methods, architecture, or social programs. Tahil particularly appreciates the MIT research on the environment and medicine. “MIT is contributing to a better world by bringing all its solutions, solutions to a wide range of areas,” he said.

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