Makes a Guard. You change the binding

Jon Quinn, a former software engineer and self admitted penyani obsessed, he remembers the problem that once existed when he removed the belt from his watch. “I remember years ago taking Breitling as a gem and asking if he had a belt, and the agent had to look in the perpetual books to find the right one, and tell me it had to be sent for arrest,” he said. He says. “And it was cheap.”

Quinn had another idea. In 2010, when he started buying and selling an odd watch on eBay, he realized that he could sell more if he wore the best belt he could. This made it clear that buying and selling big ropes was a very good business, in which customers were growing.

What started as an eBay account grew rapidly into a business, WatchGecko, with annual sales of $ 2.5 million ($ 2.8 million) to customers worldwide. The buyer, Quinn says, is people like him: wristwatch aficionados are equipped with minimal straps to hold the straps inside and out of the straps that hold them, as well as the desire to adjust and lift the strings according to how they feel.

“It’s a self-made process, like someone who buys good shoes and changes laces,” Quinn says. “Anyone can do it, but most people do not. Guys who do, really get into it. And this is very difficult when you start looking at them. ”

The taste of such experiments was disgusting with the same watches, but theirs cold has greatly melted in recent years. In the mid-2010’s it was time to start dreaming of beautiful “Nato” ropes, cheap nylon bands designed for military use but given the high status by Tudor and his successful Black Bay installation in 2013 – a move that Tudor painted directly. on the culture that WatchGecko and others ate.

Since then, cords of various colors, textures, and textures have begun to appear, while the material has been more flexible in terms of cost and flexibility. A minority, including Omega, Breitling, and Jaeger-LeCoultre, have now dedicated themselves to cable marketing sections, though they are still relatively few. The advent of mechanical clocks with bracelet options, often shipping the clock and other means, is growing.

On the one hand, this is a natural consequence of loose and flexible styles, whereas cowhide leather or leather cords do not retain what they already have. (Indeed, vegan and reusable tools make up one of the most recognizable features of the visual cables right now.)

But Mike France, CEO of British watchmaker Christopher Ward and longtime advocate of flexible ropes, believes he is Apple Watch which drastically changed the rope game.

“Jony Ive and Apple have had a huge impact, and Apple will launch more events than all the traditional companies involved in the next 20 years,” he said. “It is well-known that a well-designed belt like a watch can make this handmade fun to wear. When it comes to high technology, there is no Apple bracelet. ”

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