8 Best Tents (2021): Carrying, Family, etc.

Camping is great! Of course not! If you are going camping, you need a tent. Hammock enthusiasts may object (we are in the process of testing hammocks), and we like to sleep under the stars when the weather allows. But in most cases, finding and arranging adequate accommodation for yourself, your family, or your pets is an irreversible step to feel comfortable outside.

There are as many types of tents as there are trips to the camps, and they vary greatly in price and shape. To help you determine the best tent for your next trip — whether you are leaving with your family for the weekend or singing for yourself on Mount Whitney — we have our favorite choices from years of experimentation to finding a comfortable place for everyone.

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Updated December 2021: We have added Seas to Summit Alto TR1 and changed prices and links everywhere.

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