24 Gifts We Like From BIPOC Businesses (2021)

One of the The easiest way to help BIPOC communities is to buy goods and services from companies with diverse people. Systematic injustices are on in front of modern society, because innumerable obvious events for police cruelty and other evils. Racial tension is a form of racial injustice it is not new but the assassination of George Floyd in 2020 caused a continuous wave of the awareness and violence that has led to change in the US.

Below, we have collected our favorite tools from BIPOC businesses. Out of curiosity, some of these gifts are slow to ship — but it’s a good thing, and we’re sure your recipient will understand. To help small businesses throughout the year, try looking at local markets or your city tourist website. Online messages like We buy Black and It’s us it can also be helpful.

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WIRED staff members Pia Ceres, Kimberly Chua, Samantha Cooper, Alan Henry, and Phuc Pham also contributed to the session.

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