Apple Watch Series 7 For Sale Currently

Sales on Apple electronics are a necessity, let alone discount on a new item before the holiday season. That’s right, Apple’s most recent Apple Watch, Series 7, and cheaper than ever, and a $ 50 discount which brings the price to $ 349. If you are shopping as a gift, you can send it the same day (depending on where you live).

Apple announced Series 7 back in September but did not start shipping until the end of October. They remain good smartwatch to anyone who has iPhone. The $ 50 discount is available for all 41- and 45-mm models (if you have big hands, go last), as well and cellular models, if you want to be able to leave your iPhone at home and get notifications on the watch (you need to register the mobile app separately).

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Is Series 7 Right For You?

Apple Watch Series 7.

Photo: Apple

WIRED Editor Adrienne Atero Apple Watch Series 7 (8/10, WIRED Encourages) and good smartwatch for iPhone owners. You can ask Siri for almost anything, search for messages, and stream music playback with ease in your hands.

We love extras from Series 6 which came in the past, including a larger keyboard supported by swipe typing, a larger screen, less water handling, and faster charging. Apple has been leading for a long time when it comes to smartwatches, and Series 7 continues to show its control. It has great potential for fitness tracking, with a SpO2-metric form factor required for endurance athletes — and an FDA-purified electrocardiogram. This is what makes it one of them very good exercise too.

I really like that the watch works well for seniors who have fixed fall options available, as well as the ability to connect with emergency care if they or their loved ones need help. What has been redesigned for this generation is the end of the bicycle detection watch. All of this, combined with the ability to control day-to-day activities, makes it an ideal gift for those who are trying to improve or maintain their health and independence.

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