3 Best VR Headphones (2021): Realistic Tools, Apps, and Games

The real facts were it has to be and the next big thing in 2016 when the first Oculus Rift and HTC Vive were launched. It was tech that his time had come. Or we thought. As it turned out, VR was too expensive and probably too far away to take over the game world. But now that everyone is talking and metaverse, there is a highlight for VR images. There are new apps and games, new tools, and new application cases. Meta Quest 2 (née Oculus) is now as useful as working device just as fun, and the Vive Focus 3 theme is focused on business.

It’s a fun time to be in VR. But before we dive too deep, there is one question you need to answer: Do you want a headband or wireless connector?

Tethered or Wireless VR?

Tethered VR gives you the detail of the images because you are drawn to the PC. The bad is that you, good, connected to a PC. There’s no such thing as ropes that are hard to deal with, especially if you don’t see them. You may even find yourself going through these times. But if you are looking for the highest quality photos, and you have already published a great PC game or laptop, then you want to go tethered.

For many people, including me, wirefree VR is a better option. They are very comfortable, you do not have to worry that you will be connected to your cables, and it is possible to carry. You can bring this type of VR headset to any room in the house without a PC. Plus, in the case of Meta Quest 2, you he can plug in PC if you want extra horse pictures. Below, we show two types of headphones. Look.

Updated December 2021: More updated Meta Quest 2 updated with the addition of Vive Focus 3, Logitech G333 Earbuds for VR, and Horizon Workrooms.

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