‘Rumbleverse’ Adds Melee Twist to Battle Royale

Any new war the royal head needs a hook: After all, we all know the formula, and Hello Infinite‘popularity shows that people can get tired of it. With that in mind, here is the hook for the new Iron Galaxy theme, Rumbleverse: fighting, and no guns.

The game was re-released in October 2017, explains Adam Boyes, Co-CEO of Iron Galaxy. “We were talking, we were talking about different types of competitive sports and Royale games, and our Co-CEO, Chelsey Glasgow, was like ‘We have to play martial arts,” he says. “And then the whole discussion session became what it would feel like if you evicted someone from a 40-story building.”

Courtesy of Epic Games

The show begins with a cover design. Iron Galaxy emphasizes that customization is a key element in the game, featuring a wide range of colors, faces, costumes, and weapons that players can create in their dramatic or aesthetic appeal.

“Some of us have found great characters, such as my shirtless cook: I’ve been playing with him for three years now – you’re just such a person,” he says. “And that’s what we enjoy. Because if you think about a lot of runners, they have people in the game.

The game heads for the Battle Barge, where fighters try to fight off worms. The boat carries players to their destination, Grapital City, and then blows them into the clouds so they can fly. The main area blocks a certain part of the city, so you fight in different parts of the island at any given time: The Boyes estimate that the game is shorter than a regular war game, at 12 to 15 minutes.

Courtesy of Epic Games

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